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The 10 essential products for daily autonomy at home.

The blogThe 10 essential products for daily autonomy at home.


18 January 2019

Keep your bearings, maintain social ties, live safely in your home, monitor your health, eat and hydrate…. each elderly person has his or her own journey, history and special wishes. Over the years and depending on his state of health and autonomy, everyone can be confronted with choices : stay at home by equipping themselves to adapt the environment to the needs or consider a new housing or enter an establishment.

Some figures *:
90% of the French are ready to adapt their home if their state of health deteriorates. Today only 6% of the dwellings are adapted to the daily life of people in loss of autonomy.
450,000 falls occur each year of which 62% at home resulting in 9,000 deaths per year.

* Press file Ministry of French Social Affairs, March 2015

85% of the French seniors want to stay in their homes for as long as possible.


When aging rhymes with pleasure * *!

84% of French seniors over 65 years of age feel that life is a source of pleasure.

  • For 94% of them: their pleasure is to watch TV and listen to the radio.
  • For 90% of them: their pleasure is to read
  • For 81% of them: their pleasure is to surf the internet
  • For 79% of them: their pleasure is to make good meals at home.

* * Source: French Study – IPSO for the Institute of Ageing Well Korian, 2014


In order to promote well-being and autonomy for the well-aged at home, the 10 indispensable products:

  • Tele-Assistance
  • Telephony
  • Listening amplifier
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Sensors and detectors (presence, ringing, falls, smoke…) with luminous and vibrating indicators.
  • Illumination and night light lighting
  • Blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters
  • Pillboxes and crushed tablets
  • The bed bars for the bedroom. The stools and support bars for the bathroom
  • Clocks adapted for time markers

Do not hesitate to consult an occupational therapist to adapt the accommodation according to the needs.


10 Universal Advices for aging well !

  • Monitor weight
  • Keeping a balanced diet
  • Hydrate regularly (drink at least 1 litre of water per day)
  • Eat with pleasure and in good company
  • Scrupulously observe the medication instructions prescribed by his doctor
  • Do not practice self-medication
  • If necessary, seek advice from your regular pharmacist or your attending physician
  • Maintain a suitable physical activity: gardening, slow or fast walking, cycling, yoga, swimming….
  • To entertain, to read, to create links with neighbours, to go out (exhibitions, cinema…),
  • Have projects: DIY, Volunteering, travel….

Feel free to consult our product offer Hestec®, optimistic and reassuring brand for ageing well, brand thought and developed in collaboration with an occupational therapist to bring comfort and Daily security. For all professional enquiries, our sales team is at your disposal at +33 (0)228.230.651 or by mail: