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The solution to remedy pesticides : eco-friendly repellants Mundus ®!

The blogThe solution to remedy pesticides : eco-friendly repellants Mundus ®!


11 January 2019

To preserve your garden without using pesticides, the Mundus ® brand brings you the solution(s) to keep away :

Check out the Mundus ® range of anti-pest products, ecological repellents!

Mundus ® offers a selection of eco-friendly and astute products to repel pests invading the garden, vegetable gardens, beds, lawns, and other crops...

Environmentally conscious, Mundus products will be able to rid you of the various pests in a 100% ecological way, without using pesticide harmful to plants and health.

Set of 2 catcher wasps
Solar chase away moles

Solar chase away moles

"Everyone in the garden! " is the dynamics of the Mundus ® brand, filed in 2007, by AIC International, distributor of astute, innovative and citizen products!

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