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+ 1 hour, – 1 hour ??? The question we ask ourselves every 6 months !

The blog+ 1 hour, – 1 hour ??? The question we ask ourselves every 6 months !


03 October 2019

During the night of October 26th-27th, 2019, in France, we will move to winter schedules. That is, we will roll back our watches, alarm clocks and clocks by one hour, like every last Sunday of October. At 3 a.m., it will be 2 a.m.! We’re going to get one hour’s sleep! The sun will then set an hour earlier !

In order to facilitate these changes of hours in companies, in schools, in Establishment receiving public, but also in all interiors…. Orium® offers a pretty and wide range of Radio Controlled clocks. Controlled radio alarm clocks are also available. No more manipulations to undertake! The time change will be automatically thanks to the radio waves transmitted by the transmitting antennas! Orium® clocks, Orium® alarm clocks equipped with the Radio Controlled DCF77 movement receive waves emitted by the Frankfurt atomic clock antenna within a radius of 1500 km, in most of Europe. The exact time to be set to the exact second and on the date will also be done automatically and regularly.

Our sales teams are available for all informations and quotes.

When will the time change be removed?

MEPs wanted to give an additional 2 years, until 2021, to remove the changes in hours. The adopted text has yet to be negotiated between Parliament and the Council of the EU. MEPs called for EU countries and the Commission to coordinate « to ensure that the application of summer time in some countries and winter time in others does not disrupt the functioning of the internal market. » On the other hand, not all the governments of European states, such as Greece or Portugal, share the enthusiasm of the 4.6 million European citizens who responded to the consultation on this subject. France has not yet decided! On the other hand, coordination of states is essential, with some states having a preference for summer time and others for winter time…

For more informations or commercial requests regarding our ranges of clocks, controlled radio alarm clocks, please consult us! By email: or by phone at +33 (0) 228.230.651

Orium®, Live full time !